Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Saga of the Missing Bear

Tonight is the Annual teddy bear Costume Party where I work. 16 or 17 years ago, I made HUGE teddy bear - 4 and 1/2 feet tall if the poor thing could stand up. Enormous. I store it in the attic in a small closet with my BIG leopard.
Well, this morning I mentioned the bear to the hubberoo. "I have to dress my bear up," I said. And he said, "The great big bear?" This is a logical question because I own several bears. I still have my first birthday present, a bear I eventually named Scotty, after the first boy I ever thought I loved. (I was 4 and he was 3.) And our son has given me a couple of bears as gifts - because I am a toy type of woman.
So off I went to do this and that and then I headed up to the attic. No bear! What? How could that be? I found myself sliding into a dazed sort of panic. Was it underneath something? Was it hidden somehow? No way! I mean, this is a colossal bear. "My bear!" I shrieked. "My bear is missing!" My chest tightened and tears flouded my eyes. All the while, my adult self was trying to calm me down. "You can dress up another bear," I said to my desperate child self. I looked in the back attic room. We had to have some plaster work done a couple of weeks ago. Maybe my brother - the plasterer - moved the bear out of harm's way. Nope. No bear there. Maybe my brother got plaster all over the bear and took it away to clean it. I had to call him and find out.
I raced downstairs and blurted in a wiggly voice, "My bear's Gooooone!" The tears started in earnest.
Hubberoo jumped up from the computer. "I brought him down for you! Oh dear, I'm so sorry. I thought you saw me."
And, there in the living room was my bear.
I sobbed into my husband's shoulder. "I thought he was gone. I feel so silly."
Hubby laughed a little and hugged me and said, "I ran right up to get him. I don't know how you missed it."
Well, I may have, powdering my nose. Or fussing in the kitchen. Our house is an L so it's possible to be on the same level and not be able to see what is happening somewhere else on that level.
No matter! The bear has been restored. He is in his toga and awaiting a laurel wreath to complete his outfit.
And I am a grown-up once again. I have my teddy bear (and a very nice husband). All is right with the world.

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  1. that is absolutely one of THE cutest stories i've heard in a long time!!!!