Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holidays are coming, ho ho ho! My attention span is....hey what's that?
Anyway, where was I? Snowflakes. It's raining cats and I want to share something. I can't concentrate. Help! Help! The snacks in the staff lounge are stalking meeeee!

Ok, ok, I think I'm better. Yesterday, I found two cool sites. Snowdays by let's you make snowflakes and someone contributes money to the Salvation Army for every snowflake. You can print your snowflakes out or email them to friends and you can comment on other people's snowflakes. It's a whole lot of fun and you get to do good, too.
The other cool site was Make-a-Flake This site is harder to negotiate. Those virtual scissors are wicked but it is easier to figure out how to print your snowflake out. Take a look at both.

As for reading, well, ahem, ahem...I've been reading the same blasted book for a whole week. It's "The Mysterious Benedict Society" by Trenton Lee Stewart and I'm reading the ARP. It's pretty darn exciting - if you like orphans-sent-off-to-fight-evil- mind-control-freaks kind of books. I hope to finish it soon. BTW, it's not due to be published until March. It's just that it's the holidays (whine, whine,) and I have so much to doooooo. So I can't read all the time like I like to.

HOWEVER, I did get the coolest book for the library - Danny Seo's Simply Green Giving" (I linked you to Danny's blog and not to If you're that interested you can go to Amazon yourself.) Danny is a young environmentalist/decorator type person and he has great ideas for last minute gift wrapping and gifts that use stuff people normally throw away.

Talking about last minute holiday preparations, check out this next website as well. Thrifty Fun has recipes for cool gifty things, mostly food, that you can make and hand out to your friends and family. (You'll have to scroll down to get to the GOOD ones.) I'm interested in the chocolate dipped stuff. The danger there is that my friends and family may never see the results.

And Family Fun's site has some cool last-minute make 'em gifts, too. These ideas are for kids as well as grown-ups so if you have some of those (kids) at home, get them started on the gifts and when they get bored with that set them up to make snowflakes.

Lastly, if you live in the Lehigh Valley, then get yourself over to Godfrey Daniels on Sunday, December 17th at 2 p.m. I intend to perform my very first accordion wrestling act and tell a story simultaneously - or not. (I WILL tell a story and I WILL wrestle with an accordion but I may not actually do them simultaneously. I'm practicing but accordion wrestling is HARD!) John Callahan (not the mayor of Bethlehem) and Kathy Long will also tell stories. So, the whole afternoon will be tons of fun. Be there. It's a pretty cheap outing ($4.50 per) and I would appreciate it soooo much.

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  1. I love that snowflake site! I made a cute one (at least I enjoy it). I'd love to come to the storytelling, but unfortunately I must work. Such is life. Have fun wrestling.